Casper Douglas Photography

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Creating lasting memories
| In order to successfully record a special and unique moment in time, |
| we must try and capture it in a particularly distinctive and stand-out location |

| #photographer - people/places/events | #bnw #streetlife #reallife #realtime |
| Recording special/unique moments |
| #Panasonic #Lumix #G9 #Leica #Q2M |

| All net proceeds from sales go towards local community projects, |
especially those related to the original photographs |


We record special moments in real time, largely unscripted.
For example: Parties | Festivals | Community events | Rallies.

We also love buildings and places (following a long career in the Property industry).
If you have a special place that you would like us to capture for you (in our unique way), get in touch.

Please see our Instagram page for more examples (link above).


Most of our photography is located in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Surrey, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, some international.

Our aim is to raise required funds to go directly into community projects.
We support local networks and community funds who are already established and active in these areas.

There are several options to commission our work: We can then provide soft or hard copies (with a choice of frames).

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